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Date:2006-08-13 20:10
Subject:Coming home!

I'll be home in two days time everyone. And I'm going back to uni!


I'll catch up soon :D


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Date:2006-06-01 12:31
Subject:more travels.

Hi everyone. Again, sorry I've been slacking. I have had internet access, but it's always been a bit rushed, and I'm afraid you come in second best behind my family!

Anyway, since working out in NSW from February, my g/f came over 5 weeks ago for a holiday. So we have been travelling up the Queensland East Coast from Brisbane to Cairns, spending a few days in Sydney too. We are in Cairns currently, but are soon flying back to Sydney, from where she flies back to the UK, and I go back to work until end of August when I'll be back home.

Done loads of cool things, sailing the Whitsundays, snorkelling the reef, white water rafting up here in Cairns and lots of general sight seeing and exploring. Had a fantastic time, but the money is running out now, so I suppose its best that I go back to work.

How are you all doing? Has one of you found your dragon back? Has someone else managed to go abroad for uni? What are the rest of you up to?

I'm increasingly just using gmail now, over two accounts. The first is my real name which a few of you may have, the other is: godisaclog AT gmail.com

Look forward to catching up again when we can.



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Date:2006-01-25 17:36


I felt a bit guilty about leaving such short messages on my livejournal, and then realising that some people DO actually read it. My excuse is that internet cafe's are expensive, and after I've told my g/f and family about everything by email, I can never be arsed typing it all out again. Which isn't very nice. So here it goes, a whirlwind review of my travels so far.

Right, so,

Last monday I departed for Hong Kong from Edinburgh (via LHR). Long flight (10hours), ad was exhausted when I arrived. Stayed in a nice hotel though, and had the following day to explore Hong Kong. Went to the actual island (my hotel was on Kowloon), saw loads of shopping malls, the botanic gardens, the park and just soaked up the atmosphere and the the tall buildings. Flew out the following day early and arrived late Thursday in Sydney. Spent the first night in a motel in Randwick as I was too tired to crash on my mates couch - and then the following day went off to meet my friend in Coogee. Have spent the pat few days since exploring Coogee, the beaches, the nightlife and yesterday managed to actually make it to Sydney to see that Opera house thing and the big bridge.

I'm off too Tasmania Friday to see, well, whatever there is to do there, and am back the following Thursday to stay with my mate for the last few days before I start my job up in Moree, on the border with Queensland.

Love it here so far, and I promise my updates in future will be less rushed. :D

Hope everyone is OK,

Photos available from here.. its a big zip file http://www.yourfilelink.com/get.php?fid=10498

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Date:2006-01-24 11:49
Subject:Living in a land down under

Hi folks!

Loving it down here in Sunny Sydney. Off to Tasmania soon for a week, before I start work. Hope you are all well.


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Date:2006-01-15 18:10
Mood: excited

I'm off downunder for the considerable future. Will try and post updates when I came. Postcard requests to the email addy I'll be using: god isaclogATgmail.com


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Date:2005-12-31 15:04
Subject:and a happy New Year

Happy New Year all :D

Off to Edinburgh Street party.


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Date:2005-12-25 01:22
Subject:Merry Christmas

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas, happy present offering and other seasonal nonsense; and far more importantly, a very healthy and succesfull 2006.

Take care,


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Date:2005-11-24 02:23
Subject:Live your dreams.
Mood: lethargic

Hardship form stronger friendships..

That is the reason our 21st century society/community is experiencing such problems.

I don't know why..the thought just struck me.

Live your dreams,


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Date:2005-11-17 00:35
Subject:winter blues..

I know I need to update more, but I'm never really sure who even bothers to read tbh.

Life is a bit crap at the moment, though I'm quite content.. in a weird way.

I'm off work having pulled/stretched knee ligaments. Hurts like anything :( Still, I'm getting prepared for Oz now, and knowing there's only 2 months to go is making everything so much easier. I'm booking tickets at the weekend for travel in the 3rd week of January, hopefully stopping over in Hong Kong and onward to Sydney. Plan to spend the first two weeks lapping up life in Sydney.. because I think I deserve a 2 week holiday :)

Then I'm probably going to do some contract farming work in North NSW for 6-8 weeks to earn some money, and until my g/f flies out. Another three weeks or so holiday followed by..I dont know yet :)

I plan to go to Tasmania and Perth, the normal things like Great Barrier Reef and some beach stuff.. but apart from that I've not got my heart set on much else. Suggestions welcome :)

Rant of the week: The average IQ of internet users is still continueing to plummet. I recently came across this hoax, which I saw about 5 years ago (although apparently its from '98) and its still doing the rounds.

Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn't just pull the plug on the internet. If people aren't capable of using it.. then why have it at all?


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Date:2005-10-07 00:16

Discworld: Which Ankh-Morpork City Watch Character are YOU?

brought to you by Quizilla

Thanks to xeyr for that.

Quick life update:

Not been round much. Work most of the day, sleep for the rest really. I am occasionally also found on IRC or a CS 1.6 server (until black and white 2 comes out). But much less than before.

Anyway, I'm also cleared out of debt, which hopefully means that after a couple months more work, I can head off to Australia. I havent really planned what I'm doing there yet. I guess I'll spend the first few weeks travelling around..and then get a job somewhere. Who knows. I'm torn between east and west at the moment, but I reckon its probably best doing East - Sydney and Melbourne first.. before I head over to Perth (which sounds good too).

Any advice.. please give!

Hope everyone is well. And if you need a cheap car with MOT till April - £250. Let me know!


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Date:2005-09-11 00:48

Once again, I haven't posted for ages.

Life is in a rather transitional stage at the moment. I'm doing an awful lot of work to pay off the last little bit of student debt (except the huge loan of course, but who cares about that). As a result I have little time for girlfriend, friends, internet and hockey. I'm currently living at home, mainly for financial reasons, but also as a base where I can have support while I decide what I really want to do with myself.

At the moment it looks like I'll be heading over to Australia around November time. I plan to do some travelling and also get a job somewhere. However, I have no time at present to do any kind of research or planning to this respect, so it might all slip back a little.

I hope everyone else is well, and I apologise for what may be regarded as me ignoring everyone. I'm sorry. Things just are a little different than they were, oh, 6 months ago.

Best wishes,


p.s. my IM details: ICQ 16688766 MSN: godisaclog AT hotmail.co.uk xfire:godisaclog

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Date:2005-08-13 23:13

I'm just back from a week in France, Cahors way (Department Lot). Back for a long summer, so expect my return. Beginning to plan my trip to Australia (may include project). More info soon.

In the meantime, Mel found this..so I've done my own.

create your own visited countries map
or vertaling Duits Nederlands

Oh, before I leave: some childishness: What a cool stadium name!



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Date:2005-07-08 23:04
Subject:It's been a long week...

What a week.


The movie sums up my feelings at the end of this week fairly well (thanks to those who passed this link onto me). What an extraordinary chain of highs and lows. From weddings, to riots, to concerts promoting humanity, to terrorist atrocities. We as human beings certainly have a knack for bringing out the best in people, but also the worst.

It goes almost without saying that my deepest sympathies go out to those caught up in the events of last thursday in London. Equally in light of todays announcement from the G8, my sympathies and heart felt concern to those in the third world. However, both tragic events have also shown us how strong both our own society and humanity as a whole is when they come together. Those in London won't be forgotten, nor will those in Africa.

What a week.


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Date:2005-06-05 20:55
Subject:What PC to buy?

Two posts in one day! Incredible.

Anyway, I was hoping you lot could help me out. I want a new PC, but it only needs to serve me for about a year max. So basically what I'm looking for is a low-spec system, together with bundled XP software and 15" or 17" flat panel monitor. The monitor is the most important really as my plan is to use the PC over the next year, while it is still new, performance wise it will be fine. However should I wish to return to the system later, and upgrade, I will most likely buy an entirely new bare bundle system, and keep the monitor. Obviously the higher spec I can manage the better (I cant help but be a geek), but it's better to be realistic and go for a cheap system, with a nice monitor, use it for a year, dump it, and then when I return buy a nice hi-spec system to go with my monitor.

At the moment I'm struggling for suppliers. I've checked out both Dell and Mesh who both do very cheap budget systems..(£350-500), but I'm not keen on either company. Any suggestions where else I could go?

Also, I'm probably happy to go for Celeron, Sempro processors.. no very serious problems with these chips are there?


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Date:2005-06-05 12:13
Subject:Back again...

I'm really not very good at this journal thing, am I?

Yes, I vanished again.. so here's a quick update what's happened since err..the last time I did an update :P

Been busy with work, got a payrise last week, and then had 10 days of sun on the Spanish Costa Brava. Went to Barcelona for a few days too. Lots of fun, but lots more good food, beer and relaxation on the beach. Feel much better now and have a tan! Hurray!

For those who had exams (Katie) I hope they went really well, and that you are off to party somewhere now. For me, no longer a student, I have a summer of hard work to look forward too (bah). Australia however is nearing (I hope), and screw my career to be honest.

So Hiya to all who missed me, and hello-I-still-exist to those who didn't :P

Bring on the summer!


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Date:2005-04-08 22:27
Subject:This that and the other...

Right, so, I have no idea why I went awol for what seems like months. But I did. I'm not even sure what brought me back. Texts from some person helped anyway..but still.

So back I am.. wondering if anyone actually cares, or will even take the time to read this (I mean, why would you, it's not as if I've made the effort to read your livejournals). But still, perhaps I should update you all on my life at the moment.

Work is keeping me busy really. There is something nice about being in a steady job, but equally there is something that burns and kills you from the inside out every single day that you do the same as the day before. With only the weekends giving me barely enough time to recuperate, it's difficult to count myself as being happy. Content is probably the right word.

All this, probably due to the fact that my goals have become muddled a bit in recent times. While the trip to Australia remains (publicly at least) the goal, I can't help but wonder if it is a good idea considering I've only just began my career, and I have a girlfriend who would probably never forgive me. In any case, currently most of my wage is spent getting myself out of debt... and being able to afford an airfare, plus spending money for Australia seems a long time away. At the same time though - I can't go on like this. Something needs to change.

On happier notes, we've just booked our holiday for the summer. 10 days in Spain, leaving at the end of May. I've also bought a cheap car so that I can get to work. Loads more things I want to buy, but at the moment (for reasons above) I'm trying not too waste the money.

So onto the discussion of the news story of the past week. The poor pope. I don't know why, but with everyone voicing their opinion on the man, I almost feel obliged to also have a say. I say this with a great deal of respect: I do not believe in his motives or his goals - however I believe he is a striking example of humanity in the way he was so committed to his business, and his over-riding desire for peace. He was, despite what I would judge a invalid agenda, an extremely committed, dedicated and good man. May his God bless his soul. Few deserve it more.

Oh, and as for the other big story in the UK. I beg every British citizen to do the right thing, and refrain from legitimising this establishment that promotes itself as democracy. In the upcoming election: PLEASE DO NOT VOTE.
If you don't agree with that, have a think about it, and if you still think it's wrong.. well then vote Liberal Democrat. Under no circumstances shall thou vote labour or conservative.

Hope everything is well with everyone,

Best regards,

(The Hermit Knows as)Dash

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Date:2005-04-08 22:19
Subject:Hello World!

Anyone out there? Not heard from anyone for ages.


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Date:2005-02-24 23:35
Subject:the white stuff...
Mood: tired

Work was good today, although I had to work an hour and a half late! But it felt good because I got a lot done. Absolutely shattered now, and about to go to bed. Dress down Friday tomorow... woohoo, and then DA WEEKEND!

It always amuses me when the snow comes. Snow is wonderful stuff for going skiing on, and provided it comes in quantities of less than 10cm, it's usually okay to drive on too. Not so apparently for most drivers South of...ooh... Perth. The tiniest bit of snow, and the schools close, people start having accidents and generally the whole country grinds to a halt. I know it's a cliche, but it's just so absurd! I've driven through snow... yes it's tricky, especially with a 2wd car, but its not THAT hard if you are sensible.

In other news... I'm off to bed.

Sleep well.


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Date:2005-02-21 19:54
Subject:My first day at work..

It went fine.. but I was bored stiff. Will take a while for me to learn the ropes.. and until then, I'm doomed to boredom!

more rambles later..


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Date:2005-02-15 16:43
Subject:My view.

I'm contemplating doing something with www.globalworld.org.uk again, but I have no real clue what. One obvious idea is to use it as a deposit for images from users around the globe, showing what life is like for them. To this end, I took some experimental shots of my own..

This then.. is the view from my flat:

Find it an interesting idea, or have a better idea and use for the domain name? Let me know..


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